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Warsong Core Book
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Setting Guide: Mekelo
Release Date: 2017

Setting Guide: Inangraad
Setting Guide: Eppelloah
Setting Guide: Oshylotte
Setting Guide: Kharoshta
Setting Guide: Gillead
Setting Guide: Koa-Tan
Setting Guide: Abrasso
Setting Guide: Ulleanaad
Fate Master’s Guide
Document of Denizens
Constellation Guide: Sword
Constellation Guide: Wand
Constellation Guide: Crown
Constellation Guide: Dagger
Constellation Guide: Beast
Constellation Guide: The Lost
Player’s Handbook: The Quicksilvers
Player’s Handbook: Lore of Mortals
Player’s Handbook: The Void
Adventure Module: The Rising Tide
Adventure Module: Forgotten Lands
Adventure Module: Into The Depths
Adventure Module: Wandering Far

This is the Ninth Era of Eldorande.

Image credit to IronThunder and Markeus B.
Image credit to IronThunder and Markeus B.

The story of Warsong is steeped in rich historical context and in-depth mythology. It is the story of a world entering its last phase of existence. The Gods have disappeared, leaving the dangling world on the brink, and falling into the vast maw of The Void. Horrors long-dead have returned to wage war on the Nine Nations.

You play as one of The Fated, heroes with stardust woven into their very destiny. Can you face the challenges that lie before you, or will you fall and allow the Universe to die with you?