Find Ray at GenCon and get a Free Book!

Free PDFs of Warsong Second Edition!

Would you like a FREE copy of Warsong Second Edition?

If you see me walking around in Indianapolis this year for GenCon, take a picture with me and tag me in your social media with the hashtag #HGatGC and I’ll give you a card with a super secret URL that’ll nab you a free copy of Warsong Second Edition.


You see me in the halls after a seminar. You walk up and say hello and ask if you can take a picture with me! Post the picture in a tag with me on Twitter using the hashtag #HGatGC and BAM! I’ll give you the super sekrit URL that you can use at any time in August to get yourself a copy of Warsong Second Edition.

If you don’t know where I’ll be, check my social media or take a gander at my itinerary.

Ground Rules

  • If I’m in a game do not approach me.
  • Do not approach me in the bathroom.
  • Be cool! Show respect for myself and other people in the immediate area. We’re all here to have fun, right?
  • I’ll carry five cards a day. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. (Sorry!)


Don’t be shy about approaching! At the end of GenCon, when I’ve arrived home, I’ll randomly choose a person from those who used the #HGatGC hashtag to send a free signed physical copy of Warsong Second Edition! Sorry, but you have to be in the United States to get the physical copy. Shipping and Handling can be a killer.



Step 1: See my ugly mug roaming around at Gencon.

Step 2: Say hello! Ask to take a picture with me!

Step 3: Upload that picture, tag me in it (Facebook or @HGGamingStudio) and use hashtag #HGatGC.

Step 4: Get a free copy of Warsong 2nd Edition!

Step 5: Get entered to win a signed, physical copy!


See y’all there! 

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