Slasher RPG • Character Creation Page Teaser

Slasher - Page 24 - Killer CharGen


Keep an eye out for the new web page, coming soon to a browser near you!


One thought on “Slasher RPG • Character Creation Page Teaser

  1. This sounds like a neat twist on any game- adding a traitor to the party with or without the party’s knowledge could add that extra element to a game that’s missing in some grindy feeling games. I did something LIKE that in the Lost Mines of Phendelver campaign (D&D 5e) where one of the players who had to leave the game, I arranged with him to have him come back for the final boss fight and play the boss battle as a surprise to the players. It was a fun twist, but I think adding a player from the beginning as the traitor/boss (and maybe slyly under the table co-DM) could be a really awesome idea!


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