Modern Adventures Kickstarter Grows Near


The Kickstarter for Pathfinder: Modern Adventures is set to launch September 1, 2017 and I’m extremely excited for the game to launch into the hands of tabletop rpg players! If you’re just now hearing about this game, Modern Adventures is a Pathfinder game based in real-world Earth, with a twist. The setting considers magic, monsters and even the normal Pathfinder races (and then some!) as having been parts of the world from the get go. Each race took specific parts in major world events, and have their own place in modern culture.

Modern Adventures also takes a unique, modern stance on old, well-known adventures. Currently in development are adventures like “Excavation of the Tomb of Horrors” where, as the title says, the Tomb Of Horrors is accidentally discovered and excavated, much to the dismay (and demise) of those who were studying the site. “Under the City” brings back a scene not unlike Undermountain in the state of Louisiana for players to delve and explore.

We have an array of books on the horizon for Modern Adventures, including:

  • Modern Adventures
  • Modern Adventures: Player’s Option
  • Modern Adventures: Game Mastery
  • Excavation of the Tomb of Horrors Adventure Module
  • Under the City Adventure Module
  • Player’s Guide to the Half-Bloods
  • Conspiracies
  • Fringe Technologies

The Kickstarter launches September 1st so make sure to check it out!


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