The Story Of Kingmaker Steam Ale

There was a time that I played Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition with a group of people. I played Gore Tigerbanner, the intellectual Half-Orc Barbarian. A silent hero who swung first upon any who would bring sorrow and pain to others, and rarely asked questions. He travelled with a group of rapscallions and hoodlums that quickly took a liking to Gore and his barbaric, solitary ways. And at the table, I grew to call them friends as well. Needless to say, the group and I have parted ways and perhaps not in the best manner possible, but there was something that came out of it.




Kingmaker Steam Ale


A product of my own creation, this. First came the Fire Demon Ale, named after the Fire Demon Inn, a tavern where the group would sleep, eat and call home base for many a session until the DM randomly plucked us away to unravel the story we were creating. Fire Demon Ale was a dark red ale with spice hints. I didn’t particularly like it, but the group seemed to. I’m sure the high-end ABV didn’t hurt matters much.

Before long, when that batch was nearly polished off, I set out to create something to signify the group we had become, and what they had accomplished in this odd little game called Wayward Travelers. I found an old beer recipe. It was something ancient, dug from the ruins of King Midas’ tomb. scraped from his urns and determined to be beer given to the king upon death, I set upon my quest to create Kingmaker.

I won’t give the recipe away, but I will say that the recipe is sweet and definitely high alcohol volume. It has notes of cream, fruit and spices and is truly the masterpiece I wanted it to be, for the amateur beer brewer that I am. The group never even got to taste it, even though I created it in honor of them.


More for me.

Sidenote: I’ll be opening a very special bottle of my very own sack mead at the launch party. It will certainly be epic. TO VALHALLA!


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