‘Echoes’ Open Dev Blog 2.12.17

Hello, fans!

Echoes of Terra: Three Moon Chronicles. Imagine if earth took a detour from the timeline we know. Imagine if magic had always existed. Imagine if there was a time that superstitions say that the gods lived among mortals like us. Imagine a world where monsters are real. This is Terra. A world of terrible beauty.


  • Added two unique character types: Quicksilvers, Mortals.
  • Unique mechanic: Three6. 3d6 based die rolling.
  • Completely renovated skill system.
  • Video game feel: Unique skill system that allows you to grow as your character uses their aptitudes.
  • Video game feel: Unique, intuitive combat system that lets your character get better at using weapons the more your character uses them.
  • Video game feel: Different leveling systems for character aspects. Each character has more than one leveling system.
  • Game-breaking Fate mechanic that literally allows you to control destiny.
  • Character roles added to help define and flesh out characters.
  • Qualities added to help round out mechanics and give characters life.
  • Magic has been revised. Magic added as a separate attribute.
  • Luck added to attributes to give characters mechanical options and buffs.
  • Attack and defense pools expanded and revised.
  • Skills added to have daily pools.
  • Advancement points for character development revised.



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