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Quality Teaser – Manifested Totem

Manifested Totem

Cost: 15 AP

Requirement: Quicksilver

Effect: In mortals the follower soul, the part of a mortal’s soul connected to the world at its most primal aspects, lies dormant and sleeping. It is not dead, it simply has no real action or affect in the world or the mortal’s life. In the quicksilver, the follower awakens as the nahual and becomes an active, influential presence in the quicksilver’s life. The manifested totem quality serves as a reminder of this. It causes the totem animal of the quicksilver to manifest in the material world as an animal of appropriate type. The animal becomes a companion of the quicksilver, never leaving her side.


‘Echoes’ Open Dev Blog 2.12.17

Hello, fans!

Echoes of Terra: Three Moon Chronicles. Imagine if earth took a detour from the timeline we know. Imagine if magic had always existed. Imagine if there was a time that superstitions say that the gods lived among mortals like us. Imagine a world where monsters are real. This is Terra. A world of terrible beauty.


  • Added two unique character types: Quicksilvers, Mortals.
  • Unique mechanic: Three6. 3d6 based die rolling.
  • Completely renovated skill system.
  • Video game feel: Unique skill system that allows you to grow as your character uses their aptitudes.
  • Video game feel: Unique, intuitive combat system that lets your character get better at using weapons the more your character uses them.
  • Video game feel: Different leveling systems for character aspects. Each character has more than one leveling system.
  • Game-breaking Fate mechanic that literally allows you to control destiny.
  • Character roles added to help define and flesh out characters.
  • Qualities added to help round out mechanics and give characters life.
  • Magic has been revised. Magic added as a separate attribute.
  • Luck added to attributes to give characters mechanical options and buffs.
  • Attack and defense pools expanded and revised.
  • Skills added to have daily pools.
  • Advancement points for character development revised.