Quicksilver Noir

Marko closed the car door and made his way through the crowd of people gathered outside the towering apartment complex that had been quarantined by yellow tape. Inside, his partnet was already standing amidst the crime scene.
“Genieveve.” Marko intoned his greeting without giving it too much thought. His eyes were already transfixed on the scene, mulling over the contents of the darkened room.
“What do you make of it, Marko?” Said the young quicksilver. 
“Have you wver noticed that mortals have a smell?” Marko remarked.
“Of course. Fear, sex.. it all has a smell on them.”
“Did you know they also have a scent when they’re about to kill someone?”
“What does it smell like?” Geneiveve questioned, turning her attention to the man.
“It smells like rain. As if a storm is coming to wash everything away.”


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