Noteworthy Daemons

s2The Alabaster Dragon

Though not a dragon in the truest sense of the word, the Alabaster Dragon is indeed the manifestation of light resonance that stemmed from the dragon’s righteous victories and wars against the Shadows of Eldorande. It is a massive creature described as a mountain of pure white. Thunderous in its movement and terrifying in countenance. It resides within the northern territories, and among the snow and ice of the north, it finds itself capable of concealing itself from any who may hunt it. It considers itself to be the only true Dragon, and hunts the Shadows of Eldorande with mindless zeal. It actively despises and devours creatures of dark resonance, the void, shadows and any creature who opposes his actions.


These relatively common daemons stem from the dark resonance of gluttony. They are created when overindulgance is too abundant. Where those who would eat oo much do so at the expense of those woho have little or nothing to sustain them. Their resonance creates a yellowed, leathering skin in its host. The host’s body swells and the skin rips, creating pus-filled boils in the skin that constantly ooze and leak, causing their skin to take on a constantly wet sheet. Their bellies enlarge and distend outward, sometimes ripping open as well to reveal the entrails inside. Their jawbones unhinge and dangle downward, revealing teeth that are garled and curled razors. They are capable of spewing acidic bile at their enemies in an effort to digest them where they stand.


These beings are created in dark alleys and roadways where those who walk can never be sure if they will make it to the other side. The Skuttlebugs typically take one of two forms. The first is the one that is mostly encountered by mortals. They first appear like pitch black cockroaches that move along dark alleys and roadways in swarms. They scatter and disappear into cracks and crevasses when any light is shone upon them. If closely examined, they will be seen to be bugs, indeed. Save that their legs are likehuman fingers, and their faces are like a grotuesque mix of human and roach. These are typically formed from small spirits who have resided in the resonated areas for too long, and can even be a pure manifestation of that type of resonance. The second form of a Skuttlebug is created when the resonance of these places infuses into a mortal. Their bodies compact to just under four foot in height. Their skin sloughs and folds in upon itself, darkening to a pitch blac coloration giving them the appearance of wearing a cloak that shows none of their true form. The bones within their fingers are revealed by this and the Skuttlebug is overcome with the desire to grind them against the hard roadway and walls. This causes their fingerbones to become like knives. The only part of their face that can be seen are the sickly grin full of flat yellow teeth.


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