Are You Ready For More?

So as many of you know, the Warsong core book has been sitting on the best seller list on for about a week now. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment and I am thankful for all of the support and reviews and comments I’ve received since not just publishing the book, but also since I first started to tell people, “Hey. I’m designing a new RPG!” With the massive outpouring of people who have picked up the book, played it,translated their D&D characters to the Warsong world, I’ve decided that my next projects are going to come pretty rapid-fire over these next few months.

The next two books that will be published will be the Fatemaster’s Guide, which will be a massive toolkit for people running the game to get a more detailed look at the world and also give themselves and (optionally) their players the chance to play characters who are NOT FATED, such as the Scourge, the shapeshifting Quicksilver Tribe, the cultists of the Ascending Firmament and maybe even the Void-Scorched themselves.The second book will be the Document of Denizens and an accompanying monthly Creature Compundrium. The Document will be a massive guide laid out describing the monsters and antagonists of the Warsong game. The Compundrium will be a bi-weekly or monthly release that will contain the rantings and ravings of lorekeeper and zoologist Dr. Deveroux as he scours Eldorande for all manner of undocumented creatures.

Here is a teaser for Volume 1.


As for the announcement. Higher Grounds will be running another Kickstarter very soon! I want to make sure we can produce and give the fans of Warsong a great series of books with great art and content just like the Warsong core book.

All of that starts with YOU!

I expect to have the Kickstarter up by the end of November, so keep an eye out for it. We’ll see you there!


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