Development Blog Stardate 70331.9

The Warsong Core Book is getting great reviews everywhere! We’re really proud of this game and the world-breaking mechanic is going over nicely with the folks playing the game!

We’ve got a lot on the horizon for this month and the coming months as well! We’ve got a few supplements for Warsong coming up, Such as the Fatemaster’s Guide which is full of great non-player characters and explanations of the different types of beings that exist in Eldorande. We’re looking at the setting book Bastion: City of Glory which is full of stories, plot hooks and setting information for the northernmost Nation Allied city of Bastion.

We’re also looking at a few other Core books to look out for as well. Mercs & Mercenaries is an action packed dungeon crawler with an in-your-face interface centered around playing a bona fide f*cking badass! Not for the faint of heart, or people who don’t like crude language or being GENERALLY F*CKING AWESOME!

There’s also a horror rpg that I am really excited about. I can’t tell you guys much yet, but I can tell you that it’s set in modern day Earth and will scare the pants off of you. So keep an eye out for that in the very near future.



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