The Devil In The Details.

The Question Of Free Will


From the moment that the Gods agreed to do business with the Weavers, they allowed their influence to effect the way that Eldorande works. The Fated were created as their agents and protagonists but their distinct lack of communication between themselves and their ancient patrons is troubling to all but the most obvlious of us. Even with the abandonment of the gods and the threat of devouring by Gafhuir, The Weavers remain oddly distant. Even the Great Tribunal claims to have received very few messages from the Weavers since the Ninth Age officially begun almost fifteen years ago.

It might appear to the lay observer that we, as Star Fated, have been given a Choice. We’ve been given a will and the ability to make decisions about the world we live in, and determine its fate. If that were the case, however, how do the Weavers have any say in what happens in Eldorande? Some answer this question by saying that there is no such thing as free will, and that everything about us and the world at large has been pre-determined. That everything we think we have chosen is actually just according to a larger plan woven by the Weavers before time was even conceptualized. According to this idea, some would say that the Gods signed away our ability to choose as soon as they agreed to the Weaver’s deal.


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