Example of Weaving Fate

Examples of Weaving


Ashley has decided that her character, Nemia, wants to create a Weave that will prevent the kingdom of Oshylotte from expandng their borders into a wilderness area that she has come to tend. She has decided that she will effect the aspect of Places & Objects and target the past of this region. Angry with the Oshylotte kingdom’s petulant need for more land, she has decided that putting them in danger is not beyond her, and decides that she will weave the history of her land so that a band of Quicksilver Shifters have taken up residence here. She makes the area more appealing by divering a river through the area to bring prey animals that the Quicksilvers follow in their migratory hunt.

This is a fairly elaborate plan, but it lies well within the the confines of what her character is capable of as a Beast Fated. She finds herself an area within her territory that she has decided will mark the Quicksilver’s village, and begins to meditate there, attuning with the Beast. She possesses the tooth of a Quicksilver that she battled with in the year’s prior, and sacrifices that to her ritual. This gives her a -2 DC for the attunement. She rolls a 14 on her Willpower roll, and succeeds.

Once attuned, her Fated soul merges with the Beast and she can feel its primal, bloodthisty wildness suffusing her, and looks out over the skeins of the Beast. She begins to will the weave to her needs, tangling the river’s weave to divert it through her lands. She can feel the river’s magnetic pull on the prey herd that the Quicksilver’s follow. Since she has sacrificed the Quicksilver tooth to the ritual, the Fatemaster has decided that this givers her a -2 to the DC, but that her extreme and passionate personal investment with the outcome has complicated things, and clouded her ability to focus on the task at hand and gives the roll a +3 DC to net a DC of 16 for the roll. With a roll of 18, Nemia succeeds in the Weaving.

Nemia’s current Nemesis pool is at a whopping 7 due to her wanton use of Fate to achieve her needs during the campaign. This brings her Nemesis DC to 14. When she rolls, she is astounded when the die comes up a 1 on the roll. The Fatemaster grins as he begins to think of how the circumstances have turned against her. As the fatemaster plans, Ashley jots down the amount of damage Nemia takes. Her Nemesis was 7 and her Fate score is 3. She takes ten damage.

When Nemia returns to consciousness, she immediately feels cold. There is an immense pressure on her and when her eyes open, she can see the faint blue of water all around her. She had been anchored by Fate until that moment and, before that moment, the water had not existed for her. She feels the pain of Nemesis’ Venom as it flowed through her body even as the current of the raging waters slam into her. As she struggles to breath and fight the current to the surface, she uses her bonus action to sense fate. Suddenly she understands everything, as she see’s the skeins of Fate that she had rewoven caused an opposite reaction in the people of Oshylotte, who redirected the stream to better suit their own farming needs, and that it now ran directly over where she was sitting. When she finally makes it to shore, she can hear the howl of the Quicksilvers behind her as they picked up her scent.


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