Back To The Beginning


There is something to be said for keeping things concise and not getting bogged down in the details, but when it comes to a world with as rich a history as Eldorande, there is more to be said for delving into the rabbit hole and seeing how for it goes.

If you were to follow a rabbit hole down into the belly of Eldorande, you would find things you never thought possible. Deep beneath the ground, if you could travel that far down into the core of the world, lies the molten, still beating heart of the Surs Giant that the gods mutilated in order to build a place where we, the mortals, could live. This heart beats in the center of the world that has been rebuilt around it. Just under seven-thousand kilometers beneath the surface, lava flows through the veins of a being older than time itself. While philosophers of today would tell you that this is a metaphorical heart and that there is nothing truly alive of the Surs Giants that the books say were used to build our world, the believers were shown by the gods what truly rests beneath us. And the ones who saw it wrote it down. The heart that once provided molten life’s blood to a Surs Giant now provides very real and literal life to the world. Because of Eldorande’s volotile and flawed nature, that blood sometimes leaks through the skin of the world and we call them volcanos.

That same heart, once kept in check by the power of the giant that possessed it, now rests in a fragile rib cage made from the very ribs of the giant that was used to create our world. The power of that heart sometimes leaks as well, creating beasts so powerful that they can level entire cities if they manage to reach the surface. It’s from that same lifeblood that we, the mortals were born. The only difference is that we were formed by the hands of the gods themselves. We were built to exist on this world. To live and to die in balance and harmony with what the gods had built. We were built to keep time flowing forward. Without us, the “lowly” mortal, the way the world works would simply unravel. Time would cease to be, and the loom would come apart. The Small Gods were created alongside us, but for diffferent reasons. Where we are the gears, the Small Gods are the custodians and the caretakers.

Unfortunately, other things started to exist on our world as well. Some of these creatures came from the Outer Worlds. Some of them couldn’t help but bring themselves to life, having been wrought from the very flesh of the Giants, themselves. Others crept from the darkness that the light created. We called these beings The Shadows. It wasn’t long after the mortals were created that The Shadows made themselves known. Just as the white-hot heart of a Giant beats in the center of our world, the light that it creates has an opposite; a balance, just as everything in our world does. This dark heart of the world was unseen by the mortals who saw the heart of the world, because our eyes were not meant to see it.

Just because we couldn’t see it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t see us.


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