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Questions, answered!


Worldbuilding Details & Questionnaire

What is the most expensive thing in Eldorande?

Typically any new and useful technology that comes out of Inangraade is expensive, but their most expensive item that has had the longest bout of being extremely expensive would be the H.O.R.N.E.T. or Heavy Oscillation Rectifying Negative Energy Transport. The Hornet is the newest iteration of personalized aircraft. Second to the Hornet would be Aegis Armor, which is heavy, powerful armor that enhances the strength and defenses of anyone who wears it.

Could someone in Eldorande actually kill a god?

While it would be a monumentally difficult undertaking, a Zodiac of the Star Fated might be able to do it. The death of a god by the hands of anyone not already a god or giant themselves happened only once in known history by the hands of one such Zodiac. The story goes that a Dagger Fated actually landed the killing blow.

What kind of prejudices exist in Eldorande?

The fated, especially the Crown Fated, tend to be quite prejudiced against mortals. Their stereotypes of these “lesser beings” causes them to be seen as weak or in need of protection. The most bigoted of the Star Fated see mortals as piggish, bullheaded and a little on the dumb side, rarely better than animals. On the flip-side of that coin, the mortals follow suit with that prejudice by having a deep-seated belief that the Fated are nothing more than tyrants and unnecessarily authoritarian despots who care nothing for the mortal world. There also exist prejudices between the Nations and the Tribal and City States. The Nation typically views anyone not under the authority of the nations to be savage lawless barbarians.

What is the most powerful object in Eldorande?

An ancient relic called Ten’Rath’s Pyre is said to be the most powerful object in the entire world. Legend has it that this item was used to create the world and was forged and quenched in the primodial powers.

Has anyone from Eldorande been to space?

Space exploration has not gotten very far. Inanngradde has entire teams that work on aeronautics and propulsion, as well as studying the systems of their universe, but as of yet, no one has stepped foot onto either of the three moons, or beyond. This is not to say that the cosmologists do not have a keen understanding about their place in the universe or how it works. They keenly understand their orbit around Soluena, their star, as well as Nef’x Fex and Dax, their three moons.

How does having three large, orbiting moons affect Eldorande?

The primary way that the moons affect Eldorande is in the tides. Eldorande is covered in huge bodies of water that move with the pull of the moons. While often enough the tides move like clockwork, when two or even three of the moons align just right, the tides can be devastating. As such, cities and kingdoms have developed in light of this, and a true ocean-side city is quite rare.

What are the laws regarding magic in Eldorande?
There are two forms of magic in Eldorande. The first magic is simply dubbed arcane, and is by and large legal within the nations and outside of it so long as it does not break any other laws of the land. The second magic, called Sorcery or True Magic, is heavily regulated or illegal throughout the nations due to the dangers it poses as well as the power it can muster.

How big is Eldorande compared to Earth?

Eldorande is about three times the size of Earth. Gravity, however, is much the same.


Yeah, I know.

What about the population?

Eldorande is a vast landscape where most of the mortal population is centered into large cities. The mortal population wavers at about three billion.

Have there been any plagues?

Two known plagues have crossed Eldorande. The most recent, happening just over 200 years ago, was The Withering, which killed approximately 46% of the population. There was a similar disease talked about in religious texts that told of a soul wasting disease that caused people to become the living dead. It is said that the undead we know today originated through this disease.

How does magic and technology interact?

Magic and technology have distinct natures in Eldorande, but new methods of combining the two are always being developed. Where one city might have street-lamps that are powered by electricity that comes from a hydro-power station built on a nearby river, the next town over may have roadways whose bricks are ensorcelled to glow faint blue. Another town over, you may find that the electricity source is actually an enslaved lightning spirit tortured in order to produce endless amounts of power.

What languages is a person likely to know or hear in Eldorande?

Each Nation has its own language, but the most common language is a vulgar hodge-podge of the two called Cityspeak.

The Devil In The Details.

The Question Of Free Will


From the moment that the Gods agreed to do business with the Weavers, they allowed their influence to effect the way that Eldorande works. The Fated were created as their agents and protagonists but their distinct lack of communication between themselves and their ancient patrons is troubling to all but the most obvlious of us. Even with the abandonment of the gods and the threat of devouring by Gafhuir, The Weavers remain oddly distant. Even the Great Tribunal claims to have received very few messages from the Weavers since the Ninth Age officially begun almost fifteen years ago.

It might appear to the lay observer that we, as Star Fated, have been given a Choice. We’ve been given a will and the ability to make decisions about the world we live in, and determine its fate. If that were the case, however, how do the Weavers have any say in what happens in Eldorande? Some answer this question by saying that there is no such thing as free will, and that everything about us and the world at large has been pre-determined. That everything we think we have chosen is actually just according to a larger plan woven by the Weavers before time was even conceptualized. According to this idea, some would say that the Gods signed away our ability to choose as soon as they agreed to the Weaver’s deal.

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Higher Grounds is excited proud to announce that we are collaborating with Story Sanctum for our big playtest!

Warsong Author, Ray Machuga, will be running the Bastion setting book and stories, giving players a first taste of both Warsong and the Setting Guide!

Make sure to stop by and check out Story Sanctum! They just opened two new venues and will soon be opening the Warsong venue as well.

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Example of Weaving Fate

Examples of Weaving


Ashley has decided that her character, Nemia, wants to create a Weave that will prevent the kingdom of Oshylotte from expandng their borders into a wilderness area that she has come to tend. She has decided that she will effect the aspect of Places & Objects and target the past of this region. Angry with the Oshylotte kingdom’s petulant need for more land, she has decided that putting them in danger is not beyond her, and decides that she will weave the history of her land so that a band of Quicksilver Shifters have taken up residence here. She makes the area more appealing by divering a river through the area to bring prey animals that the Quicksilvers follow in their migratory hunt.

This is a fairly elaborate plan, but it lies well within the the confines of what her character is capable of as a Beast Fated. She finds herself an area within her territory that she has decided will mark the Quicksilver’s village, and begins to meditate there, attuning with the Beast. She possesses the tooth of a Quicksilver that she battled with in the year’s prior, and sacrifices that to her ritual. This gives her a -2 DC for the attunement. She rolls a 14 on her Willpower roll, and succeeds.

Once attuned, her Fated soul merges with the Beast and she can feel its primal, bloodthisty wildness suffusing her, and looks out over the skeins of the Beast. She begins to will the weave to her needs, tangling the river’s weave to divert it through her lands. She can feel the river’s magnetic pull on the prey herd that the Quicksilver’s follow. Since she has sacrificed the Quicksilver tooth to the ritual, the Fatemaster has decided that this givers her a -2 to the DC, but that her extreme and passionate personal investment with the outcome has complicated things, and clouded her ability to focus on the task at hand and gives the roll a +3 DC to net a DC of 16 for the roll. With a roll of 18, Nemia succeeds in the Weaving.

Nemia’s current Nemesis pool is at a whopping 7 due to her wanton use of Fate to achieve her needs during the campaign. This brings her Nemesis DC to 14. When she rolls, she is astounded when the die comes up a 1 on the roll. The Fatemaster grins as he begins to think of how the circumstances have turned against her. As the fatemaster plans, Ashley jots down the amount of damage Nemia takes. Her Nemesis was 7 and her Fate score is 3. She takes ten damage.

When Nemia returns to consciousness, she immediately feels cold. There is an immense pressure on her and when her eyes open, she can see the faint blue of water all around her. She had been anchored by Fate until that moment and, before that moment, the water had not existed for her. She feels the pain of Nemesis’ Venom as it flowed through her body even as the current of the raging waters slam into her. As she struggles to breath and fight the current to the surface, she uses her bonus action to sense fate. Suddenly she understands everything, as she see’s the skeins of Fate that she had rewoven caused an opposite reaction in the people of Oshylotte, who redirected the stream to better suit their own farming needs, and that it now ran directly over where she was sitting. When she finally makes it to shore, she can hear the howl of the Quicksilvers behind her as they picked up her scent.