Skill Challenge Events in Warsong

Skill Challenge Events

Sometimes a problem cannot be solved by a single roll, and does not involve combat. Fleeing from a gate-sealed room from a daemon-possessed corpse and its minions would be a Skill Challenge Event. These events have a skill-to-loss ratio based on how difficult the task is. During this time, the FM will start a timer with a set amount of real time given to the players to complete the task. There is no initiative order, and the players must act quickly and make attribute rolls in an attempt to complete the task. The Fatemaster will keep track of the checks. If the players reach a number of required successes before the time ends, then the characters have succeeded in their task. If the time runs out, or characters acquire too many losses, they fail at their task. Skill Challenges are intended to allow the player group to achieve a task with creativity as well as great rolls.

Example: Giving Chase

When one person or creature is trying to chase down and catch another, a Chase scene begins as a Skill Challenge Event. These scenes act much like combat, and extended chases are turn based. Initiative is rolled, and a character who moves begins to sprint at double their base movement speed. A character can sprint a number of six second rounds equal to their vitality rating. Unfortunately, during a chase, there are a number of events that can cause even slower people to outrun the faster, or faster ones to be caught regardless of their speed. For chases, the success-loss ratio for these challenges is typically based on the average movement speeds of those participating. The base success-loss ratio if 5-5, but for every ten feet of base movement difference, that number is skewed by one. For example, if characters with a base movement of 30ft are chasing a dog with a base movement of 40, then the success-loss ratio becomes 6-4. During the chase, a player may tell the FM that they are rolling their Intellect in order to find a shortcut that will help catch up, while another might roll their Agility to run along the rooftops above their target in order to get the drop.


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