Skill Challenge Events in Warsong

Skill Challenge Events

Sometimes a problem cannot be solved by a single roll, and does not involve combat. Fleeing from a gate-sealed room from a daemon-possessed corpse and its minions would be a Skill Challenge Event. These events have a skill-to-loss ratio based on how difficult the task is. During this time, the FM will start a timer with a set amount of real time given to the players to complete the task. There is no initiative order, and the players must act quickly and make attribute rolls in an attempt to complete the task. The Fatemaster will keep track of the checks. If the players reach a number of required successes before the time ends, then the characters have succeeded in their task. If the time runs out, or characters acquire too many losses, they fail at their task. Skill Challenges are intended to allow the player group to achieve a task with creativity as well as great rolls.

Example: Giving Chase

When one person or creature is trying to chase down and catch another, a Chase scene begins as a Skill Challenge Event. These scenes act much like combat, and extended chases are turn based. Initiative is rolled, and a character who moves begins to sprint at double their base movement speed. A character can sprint a number of six second rounds equal to their vitality rating. Unfortunately, during a chase, there are a number of events that can cause even slower people to outrun the faster, or faster ones to be caught regardless of their speed. For chases, the success-loss ratio for these challenges is typically based on the average movement speeds of those participating. The base success-loss ratio if 5-5, but for every ten feet of base movement difference, that number is skewed by one. For example, if characters with a base movement of 30ft are chasing a dog with a base movement of 40, then the success-loss ratio becomes 6-4. During the chase, a player may tell the FM that they are rolling their Intellect in order to find a shortcut that will help catch up, while another might roll their Agility to run along the rooftops above their target in order to get the drop.

Quirk: Heart-Seeker


Requirements: Richochet, Level 7, Perception 18, Agility 18

Type: Action, Mastery

Mana Cost: 15

Description: The archer’s arrow no longer exists outside of the target but, instead, exists within him. This is the philosophical mastery of the archer who has mastered the Seeker Quirk. When she fires an arrow, it will travel inexorably to its target, regardless of the distance or cover. The target is allowed no dodge roll, and cover will not assist the target even if he is completely encased. The attack does a number of extra damage dice equal to her agility and perception modifiers.

From the journals of Lt. Reinholdt Sesorzhan.

“Five months. It has been five months since the purge. Five small months and the world has become an upside down place. A shadow of our former selves. We had turned inward to feed on our own heart. In the short time since mankind decided that it would be better off without the Fated, the world has become a shell of its former self. As Gafhuir hollows out our world from the inside, our souls and bodies feel its loss as if we were but shells, ourselves.

I saw some of it with mine own eyes. As a soldier who had seen much more bloodshed than I’d care to admit and I had become hardened to the cruelty and tarnished morals that walk hand-in-hand with war. Still, what I saw of The Purge still shakes me to the very core.

I was stationed near the beautiful city-state of Desdelen, fifth infantry of the Imperial Army. I was just a front lines grunt stationed outside of the city on the shores Lake Renschault. Our orders were to create an encampment and fortify the area. This was nothing new so not a single one of our regiment thought anything might be amiss. The Pearl had us all fooled.

When I think about it, and I can tell you that I make every attempt to avoid such thoughts, I find it hard to understand how no one saw this coming. None of the soldiers knew what lie before them, and even The Fated did not see upon their Looms the mark of death that awaited them, gobbling up their threads just a little further down their timeline like some great and greedy maw filled with sharp, gnashing teeth.

No one knows why so many of the Daggers were with us on that day, but that is the nature of the Souls-Who-Bleed.  They had infiltrated our ranks and become just like us. Men of infantry helping to stockade and fortify the area. And when the fires started, it all seemed very surreal. An act against the Fates so foul that Pearl would forever be marred by the act.

Magnificient and Raimented Pearl had her army surround our camp in the small hours before the dawn. I could feel an electricity in the air as I awoke to the sound of liquid dripping on a hard surface. As I opened my eyes, just next to me – mere inches from my face, blood had began to pool upon the stone slab I used to arrange what few personal items I had. Dangled above me in some grotesque mockery of the human form, I could see Marcelle, whom I believed at the time to be a member of my infantry. As it turns out, he was one of the Daggers who The Pearl had been sent to dispatch. He was lashed and tangled in the cordage of my canopy overhead, his flesh mangled. The sound I heard was the blood striking my stone basin as it dripped from his brow.

All around me there was fire. No one was meant to escape that day. Sometimes I curse the gods and the fates for making it so that I would have this awful weight to bear. The knowledge of the truth that all around me are denied. The knowledge that the Daggerfated did not attack us and flee into the night, as The Pearl’s propaganda would have everyone believe. And they do. Fates save us, they believe.

Since that day, I have watched as my compatriots and those I protected as a soldier turning against those who would do the most good for us all. I watch as the atrocities that turned Desdelen into the Void-Swallowed hole it is today continue throughout our lands. I watch as the Tribunals fade from our eyes, and our lives grow ever darker.

I spend my nights in taverns and brothels to ease my mind, waiting for the day her agents will come to stifle the breath of truth. The gods have abandoned us. And soon, the Fated will as well.”

– Lt. Reinholdt Sesorzhan, Fifth Day of Ascending Cloud Year 337AP