Hey guys! With all the stuff happening recently it looks like I’ve neglected my blog a bit. So a bit of news! As you may have heard, our Kickstarter funded with just over $1,000 USD! I’m super excited about that. There’s isn’t much of anything that’s better than to have that many people believing in you, and helping start a project I’ve been working on! So thanks to everyone that made it possible. You’ll be glad you did.

So I’ve got a group of people that I play D&D with, and a few of them actually backed the project as well. The thing I’m hearing most from them, apart from how excited they are about this project getting Kickstarted, is about character generation. How it’s done, and more importantly, when they’ll get to do it. I’m happy to say that this phase of the project is nearly complete, and backersĀ of the project will get a first look into the actual character sheet within the month! And around that time, I’ll also be releasing some teasers about character creation, powers the Fated use as well as some other goodies. So keep an eye out for that.

As for when the book is set to be out, I will say that I’d placed a December, 2016 deadline on Kickstarter rewards coming to inboxes, the actual release date may be a bit sooner than that. Due to an increased workload on my part, I am hoping to have the book finished and finalized by Mid-September, which is a full three months earlier than expected.

So thanks again everyone for keeping up with the project, and as always, feel free to reply if you have any questions or comments about the game!