Keeping It Epic.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How could I make this more epic?” Have you ever seriously sat down and looked at something and wondered how you could honestly and genuinely made it more awesome? There is something about it.

It’s hard.

When you want to make something that feels like it’s epic and awesome, you walk a line that can quickly tilt and dive into cheese. And it’s a fine line, too. When you’re trying to create something serious and epic, you’ll flirt with goofy and cheesy all the time. You can see it on the horizon but if you don’t keep it there, you might turn your project into a comedy instead of a serious look at what it would be like to be a god among men.

The setting I am writing walks that line every time I put my fingers to the keyboard. Any time I think up something new that might be cool I have to check myself to see whether it’s awesome, or if it’s cheesy. And don’t get me wrong, cheese has its place, it just ain’t in Warsong.

At least not yet. 🙂


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