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What Was Wrought

Many Gods were created after Alfuir. Entire pantheons of gods wrought from the very stuff of order and chaos, itself. They did the bidding of the Giants, our of both fear and loyalty. They struck blows that would slay other Gods and deal righteous blows to the Giants and their creations. For hundreds of thousands of years, the gods toiled and fought the battles of the Giants as pawns.

Soon, the Gods began to wonder from what their loyalty had sprang. Did they serve their creators ou of true loyalty, or was it fear? It is known that Alfuir did not take any side as his brothers and sisters spoke of treason, but he also did not lift a finger to stop them. It is said that Kurik was the first to strike the first blow, topping one of the Surs’ thrones in defiance. And from that moment, the Gods and the Surs waged war with each other, instead of themselves.

The only method to kill one of the Surs Giants is The Void. Gefhuir devours everything it touches, its might is inescapable. And when the Surs created the Gods, they created in them their own greatest weakness, for the Gods could cross The Void without falling in. Not even the Surs Giants could perform this feat. And so the gods plotted and schemed and one by one, threw the great Surs into the void.

In their defeat, the Surs that remained accepted the Gods’ victory over them, and were dispursed to the far edges of their respective lands. Peace was attained, but the Gods took out an insurance policy. They took a single Surs Giant of each tribe as a hostage, creating from the bodies of those Surs Giants, the world as we know it. Eldorande.


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