Our Badass Giveaway

It’s official! We’re holding a giveaway!

We’re going to give away at least one copy of our player handbook to a lucky winner!

The rules:
1. Like our facebook page.
2. Share the giveaway post.
3. Subscribe to our blog.
4. We must hit 150 likes on our Facebook page.

Special Rules: If we hit 200 likes, I’ll give away TWO copies of the Player’s Guide! If we can hit 300 likes, I’ll give away THREE copies of the Player’s Guide to three luck winners, and those winners will also receive a pdf copy of our Game Master’s Guide upon release as well!

That’s it! If we can get 100 page likes by June 6th, we’ll give away a pdf copy of our Warsong Player’s Handbook! It contains everything you’ll need to get started playing Warsong: The Fall Of Eldorande! Better yet? You’ll get it as soon as it is released, before anyone else!

Winners will be chosen from our Facebook followers on June 6th, 2016.

Good luck!


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