Life In The Ninth Era

Credit to Ironthunder and Markeus B 2.jpgCredit to IronThunder and Markeus B.

What is it like to live in the world of Eldorande?

Day to day life can be as mundane and hum-drum as a merchant opening up a grocery shop every day, closing it at night to go home and eat with his wife and children, fall asleep and wake up to do it all over again. The vast majority of lives in Eldorande are lived this way. The Wheel Of Life, as the Clerics of Vestra would say, requires these people to make sure Eldorande turns, and life continues. These clerics assert that the mundane lives of mortals who do nothing but live their lives in peace are actually even more important than heroes and immortals who venture into the deepest reaches to stave off evil and prevent the world from shattering through the machinations of evil. If these lives did not exist, The Weave would fray and eventually unravel, leading to a destruction of life as we know it.

There exists another form of living in Eldorande that some would argue are just as important, if not moreso, than the lives of those who simply kep civilization churning. These are the heroes. People of Eldorande whose stories will be remembered throughout time. Those who seek out fame, fortune and glory. They strike out into the world as if separate from it, and change everything they come in contact with. They slay devils, plunder ancient ruins and uncover new secrets. They learn to channel the might of their divine patrons, exert their will over magical forces and guide their blades through even the toughest armor. They come from all walks of life and spring from the most unlikely places, often forged in the heat of battle and life-changing experiences.

As a player of Warsong, you take on the role of a hero. You set out into the world and it cannot help but be changed by your deeds. How will you live? How will you die? And what changes will you wrought upon the world in your passing?


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